Kan Sano is a keyboardist, trackmaker, producer who studied Jazz at Berklee College of Music.

While in school, he performed at the Monterey Jazz Festival with his band.
His music ranges from Jazz, Hip Hop, Soul, R&B, and Electro.
Whether throwing down new tracks for the beat music scene or playing improv piano, he fuses jazz and classical into a original sound that can fill both expensive concert halls and underground night clubs.

Usually He plays with drummer and bassist in his gig but he also plays drum, bass, keys and trumpet.
They change instrumentals in the middle of the tune.

This style was big buzz and loved by fans, he was invited from big festivals like FUJI ROCK, Asagiri Jam, Greenroom and Sunset Live.
He was also invited to play as HEX at “WORLD WIDE FES”, an event hosted by UK DJ Gilles Peterson.

As a keyboardist, he has performed and recorded with a multitude of artists.
As a contemporary beat maker and producer, he takes part in a ton of collaborations, both in Japan and overseas.

また、リリースした楽曲「On My Way Home」「DT pt.2」「Sit At The Piano」それぞれの再生回数が1,000万回を突破。日本人音楽家としての存在を確立する中、イギリスの名門レーベル、デッカ・レコードから日本人として初リリース。またTom Mischが「Kan Sanoのファンだ」と公言し、自らの日本・韓国公演のオープニングアクトに指名するなど国内外で活躍。
さらに、プロデューサー、キーボーディスト、リミキサーとして、Chara、UA、平井堅、絢香、m-floなど多数のアーティストのライブやレコーディングへも参加、CM音楽や劇伴も数多く担当している。“Kan Sano” の名は、様々なシーンに破竹の勢いで浸透中!